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Worawut Suteeweerakajorn


This qualitative research aimed to study and analyze a premium craft product for generation X, via documents and electronic information, then verify through a questionnaire by craft product design and premium market eminent persons to verify specific characteristics and target groups. A premium craft product should have 3 out of 6 characteristics; 1) Aesthetic values: from sophisticated design, simple, timeless form. 2) Rarity and Extraordinariness: from unique craftsmanship which dedicated and time-consuming. 3) Symbolism: presents special identity, self-worth through personalization of patterns, materials, or colors. These three characteristics also create the other two characteristics, excellent quality, and premium price. The appropriate target group for premium craft product is generation X, aged 43 to 56-year-old, which home is essential. They are between 2 generations, Baby Boom and Millennial, making them a mixture of the old and new worlds. They bestow both conservative and contemporary ideas and will to pay for a premium product presenting superior social status to reward themselves from hardworking and self-worth.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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