Evaluating the achievement for the efficiency production of Chiang Mai farmers

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Wirasak Somyana


This  research  aims to study and develop the potentialities for increasing the production of Chiang Mai agricultural products communities  to compete in ASEAN community. Sample consisted of 14 groups of agriculturists Participatory action research, SWOT analysis and Michael E. Porter’ Diamond Model were used to evaluate the achievement. The study found that the strengths of agricultural communities were that their products have good quality and have market support. Their weaknesses were that products were only needs in communities, markets have no varieties . However, a lot  of organizations helped and supported them both knowledge and budgets. The threats were that markets have high competitions. Guidelines to increase the efficiency of agricultural products’ production were as follow; 1) use resources efficiently 2) plan and control the production systematically 3) select appropriated  resources with production 4) form and establish networks of agriculture 5) make the farm accounting and 6) seek for knowledge to increase the efficiency of production continuously.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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