Civil Politics and Political Participation Processes

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Patcharee Klommeung


Civil politics Is a political or a situation in which people have the right and freedom to participate in the policy process. There is a decentralization for people to define their own way of life. By not violating the rights of others under the legal framework. Which any policy activities that may affect people, they have to get involved from the outset and people can carry out political activities by themselves. In the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, 1997 and continuously until 2007, has an important intention to change the politics of politicians into people's politics by promoting the rights and freedom of the people participation in the political process of the people. Which contributes to democratic learning and political consciousness. However, there must be promotion and support for political participation or civil politics consequently that people can fully engage in political activities and cause the continuous and sustainable development of democracy.

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บทความทางวิชาการ (Academic Article)


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