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  1. 1. Results of the Design of Research Impact Monitoring and Evaluation System of Phranakhon Rajabhat University was found that the monitoring and evaluation system for research impact of Phranakhon Rajabhat University. There is a research fund management committee. Which is a large committee that serves to propose the policy Research development plan University research direction for local development. Announcement of approval for research grants including synchronization and Build a network to seek funding sources and work on research with external organizations which will be passed to The Mission Unit of University Relations with Society for Transition to Local Higher Education Institutions for Development (7-SEA) Which has a mechanism for working as a partnership between 6 faculties and 1 research institute as a mechanism to act in regulating follow up on the impact of research from the start of research funding. Until the completion of the project for a period of 24 months. To reflect the change after conducting research in the university service area and transfer it as a set of local university knowledge and complete social development.

  2. 2. The results of the evaluation of the research monitoring and evaluation system of Phranakhon Rajabhat University were found that

1) Assessment of context or environment the informant is of the opinion that the faculty had no research impact data. There are no processes leading up to the follow-up and evaluate the impact of research and reporting the results of the university research monitoring it is very useful and necessary for the university.

2)In the assessment of inputs or resources, it was found that most of the faculties were equipped with personnel, space, budget, materials and equipment, and other facilities which are not a problem for the work of monitoring and evaluating the impact of the research.

3) Evaluating the process found that the strengths of that process were:

3.1 The system has a periodic process for monitoring the progress of the research.

3.2 The system has followed up the research area with each research team.

3.3 The system has organized a meeting to reflect the research impact after the research has been completed while the disadvantage is the unclear role of the faculty research committee.

4)The evaluation of productivity, it was found that the success was evident from the use of the monitoring system and Evaluation of research impact of Phranakhon Rajabhat University takes place in 4 dimensions, which is the first dimension: the success of the research project implementation of each faculty. The second dimension: Success in working on a network of faculty cooperation. The third dimension: Success of research management system and the fourth dimension: The success achieved with the community and local areas and the satisfaction after the implementation of the monitoring system and evaluating the impact of research, it was found that the administrators of the Faculty Committee Project researchers staff and the community who participated in the research project of 60 people were satisfied using the monitoring system and assessing the overall research impact at a high level (  = 4.33)

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