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Chortip Poumanee


This article’s purpose is to discuss about a knowledge transferring on Jakhay’s performance by Kru Sutharn Buatang as in the past, teaching Thai traditional music has been in form of  or memorizing, and there has no sort of note. Thus, memorizing lyrics and rhythms was the way to transfer knowledge to a learner directly. In order to complete the music, practice and patience has been required importantly. Not only professional knowledge was transferred, but also the way of life was transferred. Appropriate behavior of musician, and humanity. Kru Sutharn Buatang is one of famous Jakhay player, and he has been honored in Thai traditional music industry. He can also play many music instruments very well. In additional, he is well known in best stringed instrument player. He started to play when he was seven years old by learning from his father, Kru Chalerm Buatang who is a national artist in 1986, and his performance on Jakhay, in 1992, performed along with other famous musicians. And he had opportunities to perform internationally. Also, he won a contest with his band, named Wong Wai Wan, in 1987 by performing many songs such as Nok Kamin, SudSanguan, Saratee. Knowledge transferring process of Jakhay playing can be summarized as 1. Checking and measuring of knowledge level, recognition of knowledge differences of pupils are significantly most important for knowledge transferring process from professors in order to understand diversity of knowledge differences and to apply the differences as basis foundation of knowledge transferring process. 2. Copying or following patterns from professors is a way of teaching that professors would slowly teach the patterns by each sentence or each paragraph such as flicking, crushing, strumming, or struck the wire etc. These tactics shall be clearly shown by professors. 3. Performing freely is the way of knowledge transferring by allowing pupils to create their own play as they desired. 4. Training to be expert is the most important way to be success for Thai traditional musicians as Kru Sutharn Buatang always remain every his pupils. 5. Cultivating morality and ethics, after deserving knowledge transferring Jakhay’s performance from Kru Sutharn Buatang, can be found and interposed in his knowledge transferring.

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บทความทางวิชาการ (Academic Article)


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