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Kajohnsak Phongthani


Internal quality assurance is the creation of systems for development. Monitoring and evaluating the operations of higher education institutions in accordance with the policy and quality levels according to standards set by educational institutions and affiliated agencies. The agency and educational institutions establish a quality assurance system within educational institutions. It shall be deemed that internal quality assurance is an integral part of the educational administration process that must be carried out on an ongoing basis, which is an internal quality assessment report to be submitted to the Council of Institutions’ agency and related agencies to consider and disclose to the public to lead to the development of educational quality and standards and to support external quality assurance. This research aims to develop a database program for educational quality assurance for the curriculum. Faculties and universities will use the system to collect documents and evidence systematically. The efficiency of the system was assessed by 3 experts and 55 system users from the course and faculty levels. The results of the evaluation of the system's efficiency from 3 experts, the overall assessment result was an average of 4.46 and a standard deviation of 0.21, and the overall satisfaction from the experts was at a very satisfactory level. The results of the satisfaction assessment of the system by 55 users showed that the overall assessment result was an average of 4.54, with a standard deviation of 0.50, and the overall satisfaction of the users was at the level most satisfied

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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