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Ratchta Anawatchkul


     The purposes of this research were 1) to study the need of information systems for research management of Phranakhon Rajabhat University, 2) Information design for research management by using Research Management System (DRMS). The population consisted of 11 people involved in the research and research management system, including vice president, research supervisor of the university, executive of the Research and Development Institute, director of the Research and Development Institute, 3 deputy directors of the Research and Development Institute and 7 personnel of the Research and Development Institute. The survey results are summarized as follows:
     The study on the need for information systems for research management of Phranakhon Rajabhat University revealed that there are 3 types of information required:
     1. In term of personnel information, there are 13 variables, which are 1) name-surname 2) academic position 3) teacher status 4) course status 5) educational background 6) faculty 7) specialization 8) program 9) day / month / year of birth 10) the year of retirement, 11) the date of filling, 12) working age, and 13) the date of receiving an academic position.
     2. In term of Research Project Information, there are 33 variables in demand:
1) name-surname 2) academic position 3) faculty 4) research project 5) rank in the project 6) budget year 6) budget allocated 7) contract commencement date 8) end date Contract 9) Time for progress report 10) time remaining for progress report 11) Time remaining for research (days) 12) 1st time extension 13) 2nd time extension 14) time extension period 15) funding source 16 ) contract number 17) name of research area 18) research area province, 19) research type, 20) research status, 21) operational status 22) disbursement (1st drawdown) 23) submitted date of the 1st drawdown 24) disbursement (2nd drawdown) 25) submitted date of the 2nd drawdown 26) disbursement (3rd drawdown) 27) submitted date of the 3rd drawdown 28) disbursement (4th drawdown) 29) submitted date of the 4th drawdown 30) total disbursed (baht) 31) utilization 32) used for academic position and 33) research ethics certificate No.
     3. In term of publication information, there are 12 variables, which are 1) name-surname 2) faculty 3) level of dissemination 4) countries 5) author order 6) work titles (Thai) 7) work titles (English) 8) source names 9) Year / Issue 10) publication month 11) publication page 12) Year and 13) published year
     Information design results for research management is divided into 5 parts as follows.
1. Design and update personal information by having personal information in order to show complete details and display the results in an individual summary form.
2. Designing research project data by using column-based reporting as design
3. Project reporting is designed so that users can choose what information they want to be displayed in the report.
4. The design of the research project is completed. The search information is filled out by fiscal year, source of funding, faculty, branch and then the results is displayed, the dissemination of research reports, reporting system and the ability to import / export files are increased.
5. It is designed to combine all types of search systems in one window.
6. Designing the management system management by improving research funding settings for easier use of funding sources.

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