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Chotima Vesaracharnont


The purposes of this study were to examine: 1) to study behavior in digital media usage for learning in a new normal way of life for Ramkhamhaeng University students; 2) to compare demographic characteristics of Ramkhamhaeng University students towards digital media usage for learning in a new normal life; and 3) to propose a guideline for digital media usage for learning in a new normal life for Ramkhamhaeng University students as classified by gender, age, and faculty. This research was conducted with the survey research method. The subjects participating in this study were 319 university students obtained from stratified random sampling for collecting data from a questionnaire. The participants for the interview were 3 students and 2 teachers, obtained from purposive sampling. The statistics used in the data analysis were as follows: Percentage, Arithmetic Mean and Standard Deviation, and one-way ANOVA: when differences were found using Scheffe's method and content analysis. The results of this study revealed that students’ opinion toward digital media usage for learning in a new normal way of life was overall at a high level. The compared results of students’ opinions classified by genders, ages, and faculties were significantly different at a 0.05 level. Scheffe's method was used to test the differences between pairs and revealed that, overall, students aged under 25 years old compared to over 30 years old, students aged between 26 and 30 years old compared to 30 years old and above had different opinions, while students aged from 30 years old and above had a mean average value higher than age under 25 years old and age between 26 and 30 years old. Students from the faculties of law and education had different opinions. Students from the faculty of law had a mean average value higher than the faculty of education.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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