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Rattanatam Jindamangkorn
Kreangkrai Photimanee
Kwanming Khumprasert


This hybrid research aimed to study the community development planning policy for improving the quality of life of Bangkokians, the participation of Bangkokians in planning the community development, and to build strategies for planning community development to improve the quality of people’s lives in Northern Bangkok. It combined qualitative and quantitative research techniques. A 400 questionnaire was used for the quantitative research. The data were analyzed by finding frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and factor analysis. The qualitative research data was collected through focus groups with community leaders and social development officials, as well as brainstorming to evaluate and improve community development planning strategies. The results revealed that overall, general conditions in the planning community development strategies were very good, with the highest average in planning, drafting, public hearing, future planning, and making agreements with the community. The lowest averages were the follow-up, evaluation, extracting lessons, and reporting. It was also found that the score of participation in the community development plan was at the highest level. Most Bangkokians who participated were giving ideas and planning and following the decision-making. The least was Bangkokians’ participation in the planned operation. The results also showed that the community development planning strategies for improving the quality of Bangkokians’ lives in the case study of Northern Bangkok consisted of three strategies: Ponder (exchanging ideas), Delve (participation in goal and method setting), and Propel (participation in analyzing the conditions of the community).

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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