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Supaporn Chimnoo


This research article aimed to (1) compose the southern Thai lullaby to choral music and (2) publish a book of southern Thai lullabies for the choir for the preservation of local wisdom in the southern region. It was a song composition inspired by southern lullabies from many provinces of Thailand. There were 4 composing processes, as follows: Process 1: Study the context, substance, and content of original nursery rhymes to compose new lyrics.  The author determined the style of the song, the key, the tempo, and the range of each song in accordance with the lyrics that have been composed. Process 2: Compose the melody and check its theoretical validity with experts. Process 3: Practice the composition with the choir.  Process 4: Record and publish the work. The results showed that the composition consisted of five independent songs: "O La Hae Oh La Cha", "Non-Na Nui Non", "Kai Thuen Khan Thuen Laew", "Meri Klom Nong Non," and "Nong Tuen Laew Me" (She's awake yet). Publish the song via an electronic book whose name is “Cha Nong Rong Rue,” the local wisdom of the southern Thai lullaby to choral music. Publish via a website flipping book for individuals who are interested and use this for the choral ensemble.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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