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Wichet Suddai
Supunnee Leauboonshoo
Noppakoon Sudprasert


The purpose of the thesis ‘Contemporary Music Created from Dimensional Knowledge of Heet Sibsong’ was to create contemporary music from the Heet-Sibsong knowledge. Qualitative research methodology and the music creation process were used.

The results showed that contemporary music can be created from dimensional knowledge of Heet Sibsong's traditional 12 songs, namely: Pariwasakam, Sri Sri, Pun Na Thasi, Khao Phan Kon, Songkran, Bangfai, Kho Lo, Hae Thian, Khit Hod, Ta Haek, Suang Huea, and Mae Khongkha. For the concept of melody, Isan patterns are used: the melody groups with short and long patterns. Additionally, melodies in Heet-Sibsong traditions and rituals were used to develop motifs. For the bass melody, the concept of the Ostinato technique was used. In harmonies, the slash chord concept and chords created from sound groups in various patterns were also used. In terms of musical rhythm, various forms of drum rhythm in the traditions were used, such as the rhythm of beating big drums for telling midday meals in a Buddhist temple, bass drum rhythm, and long drum rhythm combined with the rhythmic patterns of a drum set. Also, asymmetrical rhythmic markers were used to create interest in the music. The results of studies and creative works can be disseminated and used to support cultural activities. Knowledge of contemporary music composition. can be applied to further develop knowledge of musicians as well.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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