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This research was intended to study 1) the operational context of the OTOP product network in cultural attractions in Samkhok District, Pathumthani Province, and 2) the leadership in the development of the OTOP product network in cultural attractions in Samkhok District, Pathumthani Province. This research was qualitative with 15 in-depth interviews. The content analysis and componential analysis were applied for data analysis. The research results showed that the operational context of the OTOP product network consisted of the leaders, the group members, the OTOP products, and the cultural attractions at the sites. The leadership in the development of the OTOP product network in cultural attractions in Samkhok District found that most leaders expressed their leadership in the field of: encouraging inspirational motivation of subordinates, considering and well-wishing toward others, having morality in doing business, having capability in strategic thinking, and being openness. By encouraging the social consciousness, there is yet no clear expression.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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