An Investigation of Variables Related to Response Rate and Response Sincerity on Internet Questionnaires

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สุชาดา กรเพชรปาณี
สมสิทธิ์ จิตสถาพร


Responses to internet-based questionnaires are thought to relate to a number of factors. In
this study, the relationship between two dependent variables, response rate and the apparent sincerity of responses to internet questionnaires, were investigated with regard to three independent variables: whether or not would-be respondents were notified in advance of a coming questionnaire (prenotification), number of follow-up contacts, and connection time. The sample consisted of 1,400 undergraduates studying at Burapha University in 2007. Research instruments involved an internetbased questionnaire on the drug addiction problems of young people, and an email letter.


It was found that pre-notification increased the response rate by 9.5%. Increasing the number of follow-up contacts had a variable relationship to response rate: the first follow-up yielded the most responses (7.8%), the second 5.6%, the third 3.1%, and the fourth 1.3%. Response rate had a positive relationship to connection time. Interactions were found between pre-notification and number of follow-up contacts regarding response rate, and also between number of follow-ups and connection time. No relationships were found between the independent variables and response sincerity.

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