A Needs Assessment for Research Course Development in the Royal Thai Air Force Air War Program

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This descriptive research study focused on conducting a needs assessment for research course development in the Royal Thai Air Force Air War Program. The research process used in the study was composed of three procedures: 1) study of research course outcome quality, as measured from the instructors’ perception, and a research paper evaluation form; 2) study of the problems concerning research course operation through focus group interviews of the graduates and students; and 3) conducting a needs assessment for research course development of the Air War Program by employing closed-end questionnaires. Data were analyzed by means of content analysis and descriptive statistics. The technique of Modified Priority Needs Index (PNI modified) was used for priority setting. The research findings were as follows: 1) The quality of the research course outcomes was mostly at a moderate to consistently low level, with mean research paper quality at a moderate level; 2) Problems concerning the research course operation consisted of 11 problems with four aspects namely course management problems, instructor problems, student problems, and instruction problems; 3) The needs for research course development of the Air War Program were divided into four aspects namely research course instruction needs, research characteristics of students needs, research skills of student needs, and research counseling characteristics of instructor needs; and 4) The first three priority needs issues for the research course development in each aspect, ranked in descending order, were as follows: Aspect on Instruction Needs (1) Research promotion and dissemination (2) Modernization of computers and data analysis programs (3) Appropriate ratio of research advisor per student and adequacy of echnical books and textbooks for research study. Aspect on Student Characteristics (1) Capability of report writin (2) Motivation in research study (3) Attitudes towards research study. Aspect on Student Research Skills (1) Capability of statistics implementation and interpretation of data analysis (2) Construction and inspection of research tools (3) Analysis and interpretation of qualitative data. Aspect on research counseling characteristics o the instructors (1) Capability of training/teaching of research report writing (2) Adequate time for research counseling (3) Capability of research quality evaluation.

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