The State of Cognitive Science: An International Perspective

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Leonard D. Zaichkowshy
สุชาดา กรเพชรปาณี
Nelson M. Angela


Cognitive Science can be described as the scientific study of the mind, thinking, intelligence, emotions, and human action. When we use the term ‘scientific study’ we mean using
science to study the mind, and how we think; human intelligence; and emotions, and action. Human action can be a person speaking – that is a motor act; or a person walking or exercising – that is an action. If a person is writing – that is an action. It must be emphasized that in

Cognitive Science it cannot just be cognition as we think of it as “thinking”, because the emotional part is very much related to it; and the motor and action part is very much related to Cognitive Science. It is not just one – it is all three of them. That is why, in part, we need to have this be ‘interdisciplinary’.

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