The Development of an Internal Quality Assurance Model for Basic Educational Schools Using a Benchmarking Approach

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ทิภาวรรณ เลขวัฒนะ
อรุณี อ่อนสวัสดิ์
รัตนะ บัวสนธ์
สำราญ มีแจ้ง


The purpose of this research was to develop an internal quality assurance model for basic
educational schools using a benchmarking approach. The instruction step involved the chiefs of the enhancement of educational quality assurance system, educational supervisors, administrators, and teachers. The experimental and assessment steps included administrators and teachers in three Phitsanulok middle volunteer schools. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected by interviewing, written reflected feelings, and questionnaires.

The model developed consisted of two parts, having a main and a supplementary structure.
It was successfully implemented in three volunteer schools. The opinion of administrators and
teachers in these schools was favorable; they judged the model to be appropriate and useful for developing internal quality assurance.

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