A Causal Relationship Model of Adaptation to Study for Lower Secondary School Students in English Program

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The purpose of this research was to develop and validate a causal relationship model of adaptation to study for lower secondary school students in English Program in Schools under Basic Education Committee, based on Roy Adaptation Theory. The sample consisted of 450 Grade 8 students. The model involved five latent variables: adaptation to study, adversity quotient, environment, motivation, and self efficacy. Data were analyzed by using LISREL 8.72 in validation of the model. It was found that the model was consistent with empirical data. Goodness of fit measures were found to be: Chi-square 111.19 (df = 107, p=0.37); Goodness of Fit Index 0.97; Adjusted Goodness of Fit Index 0.95; Comparative Fit Index 1.00; Root Mean Square Residual 0.03; and Root Mean Square Error of Approximation .009. The variables in the model were found to account for 87 percent of the variance in adaptation to study.

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