The SEMEO RIHED Activities in Thailand 2018

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Kalaya Yotcamlue


The academic article was carried out with 3 objectives: 1) The international relation of Thailand and Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEMEO) context 2) the activities of Regional Institute for Higher Education and Development (RIHED) in Thailand 2018 of Loei Rajabhat University  and 3) to identify guidelines for improving education from SEMEO RIHED members. The target group was 163 participants. Results: (1) Thailand and Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization started relationship in 1965 to present. The member was 11 nations, 5 and 3 organizations. The objects were to: promotes knowledge, understanding and in project of education, science, and culture. (2) The 163 participants of SEMEO RIHED member were the education office, education assurance and university teacher of student-centered learning.  These special four-day during April 1 - 4, 2018 at King Power Hotel Bangkok Thailand. The activities were research, innovation by keynote, plenary speakers and participants join consisting of policymakers, higher education leaders, social entrepreneurs, experts and researchers in the region and beyond. The concept note, tentative program me, poster and admin note. (3) They identify guidelines for improving education were: the higher education confines in the campuses, development leadership of university, construction values of university sustainability, university give ours students’ education for life and making them productive members of their communities and society  and training students for industries and making them dutiful employees by their employers. Group Kodomo and Sensei used Heart of Teacher Model. I interested of SEMEO RIHED because the education made people in the world stronger and SEMEO RIHED activities were research approach, understanding knowledge to development education, science and culture. I hope that the experiences will cherish the part to start the new leadership normal of higher education leaders.

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Kalaya Yotcamlue, Loei Rajabhat University

Public Administration Program, Department of Social Science Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Loei Rajabhat University


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