The study of existence values for the conservation and transfer of Thai puppet performance

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Kanokrat Muktear


            This research aimed 1) to study the existence value for art conservation and art transfer ofsmall puppet theater performance, 2) to study the process of transferring the art of small puppet theater performance, 3) to study the guidelines conservation and conveying of the art in Puppet Theater. This is a qualitative research. The data were collected through an in-depth interview and a focus group discussion. The study indicated that there were two important values in puppetry arts. First, for the individual values, puppetry arts’ successors and the viewers who watch the puppet shows will be developed their cognitive, emotional development, physical development and social adaptability. Second, For the social development values, the Sippatham Kumnai Puppet Theater, Klong Bang Luang Artist House is organized to be a learning center in the community. Moreover, morality, ethic, and the variety of arts such as performing art, handicraft, music, and literature were incorporated into the story plot of the puppet performance perfectly.
            The factor that have an effect on the existence of puppetry is the adjustment for puppetry’s transfer process. In other words, the plot of the puppet shows should be more concise and interesting. Puppet practitioners will be able to exploit knowledge to puppeteer faster, and tt is easy to have a chance to get a support from various organizations. It will help make the puppetry more well-known in the public.                                The guidelines of puppetry’s conservation and transfer should be cultivated for children and youths to have them take part in puppetry’ conservation and transfer. Furthermore, problem solving related to Puppetry should be made by the support of both private and public sectors in order to have puppet arts remains existent in the next generation.

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Muktear, K. . (2021). The study of existence values for the conservation and transfer of Thai puppet performance . Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok Social Science Journal, 10(1), 12–21. Retrieved from
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Kanokrat Muktear, Silpakorn University

Department of Development Education, Faculty of Education


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