Responsibilities of authors
1. All authors must certify that their works are novel and have been never publicized .
2. All author must present only true fact. 
3. In case where authors referred to other’s works, Citation(s) and reference(s) must be made. 
4. All manuscript must be written in our required format. All author must write the research in the correct format.
5.Any co-author whose name appears in all article must be a research participant in the actual research.
6. All author must inform of funding sources in support of the research.
7. (if any) All authors must have no conflicts of interest.

Responsibilities of reviewers
1. Keep the author’s information secret throughout their review period.
2. When our edit(s) forward a manuscript to a reviewer the reviewer has no conflicts of interest with the author or know the author privately. This makes it impossible to provide feedback and suggestions freely. The reviewer should notify the journal editor and refuse his or her action of the article.
3. Article Reviewer should evaluate articles in their respective fields of expertise. Consider the importance of content in the articles that will be relevant to the subject. Analytical quality and the concentration of the work. Do not use personal opinions that do not support the article.
4. Reviewer must identify important research findings. And consistent with the article being evaluated. The authors do not refer to the article as well. If any part of the article is identical or duplicate other works. The evaluator must also notify the editor.

Responsibilities of editor
1. Looking over quality of the assigned article so as to publicize in our journal.
2. Keeping the author's information secret throughout the consideration period.
3. After completely considering on the basis on the importance, the novelty, the clarity and consistency of the content in line with our policies..
4. Not considering any publication that has been publicized.
5. Undeniably, they must admit all articles, except for that there is a doubt or uncertainty arising. Such doubt or uncertainty must clearly coped with.
6. Having no conflicts of interest with authors, reviewers, and management team.
7. Plagiarism must be taken seriously.
8. If any manuscript may highly possibly infringe other’s copyrighted works. Please immediately stop reviewing.