The Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, publishes the Thammasat Business Law Journal with the aim to disseminate scholarly legal articles in English. The main scope of the Thammasat Business Law Journal is to publish articles relating to business law. Other scholarly legal articles are permitted to the publication process upon the preliminary review of the editorial board.


The Thammasat Business Law Journal is an annual journal published within December each year.

LANGUAGE:   English


-All manuscripts must be submitted online through

-The Thammasat Business Law Journal will not consider any manuscript concurrently submitted for publication elsewhere.

-The editors will review the manuscript. We will not send papers for review that are outside the scope of the journal or do not comply with the guidelines for authors. If a manuscript complies with the guidelines and is within the scope of the Journal, it will be examined by the minimum of two distinguished scholars.

-The Thammasat Business Law Journal uses single-blind review, which means that each reviewer’s identity is concealed from an author.

-The reviewer’s evaluation will be requested back within five weeks. The decision to publish is based on these comments.

-The manuscript will be published after the authors correct according to such comments.


All the manuscripts submitted for publication in Thammasat Business Law Journal are checked for plagiarism before the peer review.

ISSN: 2408-1000   (Print)

ISSN: 2672-9075  (Online)