Legal Liability of Damage from Drones

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Janewit Panichraksapong


Due to unavoidable interaction between humans and drones in various ways for extended period of times, these kind of robots has been developed along with the technological advancement. Particularly, Artificial Intelligence is the technology in which its special characteristics enable the imitation of human behaviors by learning, training and analyzing from input data and results in an autonomous decision through different level of automation without the human intervention. The increasing use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones could simultaneously expose the damage caused by aforementioned autonomous systems but the existing liability regimes in Thailand are assumed to deal with damage caused by human operators and manufacturers. The author surveys different liability regimes from The United States of America (USA) and Italy including relevant regulations of European Union (EU) and suggest that the strict liability with less burden of proof is an currently appropriate liability regime and implemented acts of EU shall be adopted in order to ensure the compensation for third injured parties.


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