About the Journal

Aims and Scope

Thailand and The World Economy (TWE) (formerly Thammasat Economic Journal) was first published in 1983, aiming to provide contemporary, rigorous and insightful analysis of a wide range of topics within economics and the political economy related to Thailand. In addition, reflecting the deep connection to the world market, the journal welcomes papers analysing all aspects of economic relations between Thailand and the rest of the world. The journal also welcomes papers from other countries whose experience provides policy lessons for the Thai economy. Oriented at both researchers and policymakers, the journal seeks to reconcile the ideals of relevance, methodological rigour and accessibility.

Thailand continues to be deeply connected to the world market via both trade and investment, even after the global financial crisis where domestic demand-led growth policy has been emphasized in developing and emerging economies. Trade openness, defined as total trade over GDP, in Thailand has remained very high, far greater than in East and Southeast Asia and the world average. Thailand has also been actively involved in cross-border investment, both in terms of foreign direct investment and other forms of capital flows. While growth in global value chains (GVCs), where different stages of the production process are located across different countries, now represents a strong rising trend in global production, Thailand has vigorously participated in such global chains over the past decade.

Power is shifting to Asian countries. Asia is the fastest growing economic region as well as the largest continental economy, measured by (purchasing power parity, PPP) GDP. East and Southeast Asia economies have contributed substantially to such rapid growth. Among Southeast Asian countries, Thailand is ranked second after Indonesia in terms of GDP (PPP). Thailand plays a crucial role in the world market across many industries, such as electronics and electrical appliances, automotives, and processed food industries. Infrastructure has also been expanded, especially in terms of international airports, deep sea ports and international river ports, making Thailand the hub of ASEAN and a gateway to Asia.

With the importance of Thailand in Asia and the world market, TWE invites theoretical and empirical papers on ALL aspects of economics relating to the Thai economy as well as other countries whose experience offers policy lessons for the Thai economy, including

               • Macroeconomics
               • Microeconomics
               • International Economics (Trade/Finance)
               • Banking and Financial Markets
               • Econometric Models and Applications
               • Public Economics and Public Policy
               • Population, Demography and Fertility
               • Energy, Environment and Resources
               • Transport Economics
               • Behavioral and Experimental Economics
               • Economics of Social Issue
               • Economic History and Economic Thought
               • Economics of Information and Technology


TWE publishes articles in the following categories:

               Research articles: Full reports of research projects including background, theoretical frameworks/literature survey, methodology and data, results, conclusions and policy inferences.

               Book Reviews: Reports provide a comprehensive summary or review of a newly-published economics-related books. Reviewer(s) for a newly-published book are usually selected by  the journal’s editorial team. However, independent submissions are also welcome.

 TWE journal publishes three issues a year focusing on four to five manuscripts per issue:

                No.1, January-April;
                No.2, May-August;
                No.3, September-December.

 TWE is currently indexed in the Tier1-Thai-Journal Citation Index (TCI) and the ASEAN Citation Index (ACI)..

The journal has adopted a double-blind reviewing policy whereby both the author(s) and referees remain anonymous throughout the process. [see Peer Review Process]

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle of making research freely available to the public. 

Publication Charge

There are no charges in connection with submitting and publishing an article in the Thailand the World Economy. All articles published in our journal are open access and freely and widely available to all readers via the journal website.

Title History

The journal was established in 1983 under the title “Thammasat Economic Journal (TEJ)”. The journal has published papers in all fields of Economics, both related to Thailand and other countries from around the world. To clearly reflect the aims and scope of the journal, i.e. insightful analysis of the Thai economy as well as her economic relations with other countries, both inside and outside the region, in 2018 the journal title was changed to ‘’Thailand and the World Economy (TWE)’’, providing only an online version [ISSN-Online 2651-0529]