Exploring The Network Analysis of Non-Tariff Measures and Sustainable Development Goals. Evidence From Vietnam’s Non-Tariff Measures in Response with Covid-19


  • Nguyen Bich Ngoc School of Trade and International Economics, National Economics University, Vietnam


Non-tariff measures, Sustainable Development Goals, Covid-19


The spread of Covid-19 has raised questions about the progress toward sustainable development goals. Many nations have seen a fast surge in non-tariff measures used to safeguard public health during the epidemic. Non-tariff measures, as the role of trade policy instruments, can reflect the policy-making process or policy response of the government related to the progress in sustainable development goals (SDGs) achievements. Whether the policy intervention by non-tariff measures can address multiple goals or the progress toward achieving the SDGs at the national level. The paper investigates the linkage between non-tariff measures and sustainable development goals, the direct targets, by using network analysis. The paper uses   network analysis to depict the comprehensive connection among NTMs and SDGs and identify key nodes in the matrix. Vietnam is a significant example of how to overcome the pandemic and obtain economic growth with the high coverage of NTM matching the SDGs. From the evidence of the network of NTMs-SDGs in Vietnam, it proposes that the government should   adjust the policy toward sustainability by implementing coordinated and more harmonized regulations to balance the costs and benefits, short-term and long-term goals, growth rates, and sustainability instead of eliminating the number of NTMs.


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