Developing Lesson Plan on the Healthier Local Snack STEM Education

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Rahmi Masita
Sukanya Sutaphan
Jirakan Yuenyong


The paper will clarify the healthier local snack STEM education. The STEM education learning activity will be developed based on Sutaphan and Yuenyong (2019) the context-based STEM education learning approach. The activity will start from identification of social issue - how we can make our Indonesia local snack become healthier. Then, the lesson plan will provide activities regarding on the 7 stages of Sutaphan and Yuenyong (2019) the context-based STEM education in order to scaffold students to practice knowledge for designing prototypes or products of the healthier local snack through engineer design process. Students, then, will be challenged to practice knowledge between healthy, nutrition, and existing capitals (physical: the shape of the snack, the interesting packaging, financial: using good but affordable local ingredient, social/technology: choosing the right cooking tools that suitable for the snack making, human: the safety of food and nutritional value of the food, culture and religious: culture of produce local snack and the way of living based on Islamic beliefs, and natural: the impact of developing this design/product toward the ecosystem and environment). This paper may have implications for designing STEM education learning activities.

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Masita, R. ., Sutaphan , S. ., & Yuenyong, J. (2021). Developing Lesson Plan on the Healthier Local Snack STEM Education. Asia Research Network Journal of Education, 1(1), 43–49. Retrieved from
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