A Multisensory STEM Learning Activity on the Prevention and Control of Dengue Fever

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Maria Cindy Cardona
Amelia Buan


The purpose of this paper is to clarify the learning activities provided by Sutaphan and Yuenyong’s (2019) context-based STEM education learning approach. This method is divided into seven stages: (1) identification of social issues, (2) identification of potential solutions, (3) need for knowledge, (4) decision-making, (5) development of a prototype or product, (6) testing and evaluation of the solution, and (7) socialization and completion decision stage. The Dengue Alert: Prevention and Control through Innovative Devices Using a STEM Education Approach will allow students to combine their knowledge of Biology, Physics, and Economics to create an electronic mosquito repellent that will help to reduce dengue cases in the local community. The paper will go over how to give students the opportunity to apply STEM knowledge through the activities provided.

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Cardona, M. C., & Buan, A. (2023). A Multisensory STEM Learning Activity on the Prevention and Control of Dengue Fever. Asia Research Network Journal of Education, 3(1), 1–6. Retrieved from https://so05.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/arnje/article/view/254367
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