The Ecosystem STEM Education Learning Activity: Terrarium and Aquarium Model

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Kong Sam Ol
Seyha Chheun
Sreylin Phon
Sreynoch Proeung
Seanghay Mul
Dalin Doem
Sreyden Then
Niroth Rom


In this paper will clarify STEM learning activity of the Ecosystem for the case of designing Terrarium and Aquarium model. The STEM learning activity will be developed based on Sutaphan and Yuenyong (2019) which consisted of 7 stages including (1) Identification of social issues, (2) Identification of potential solutions, (3) Need for knowledge, (4) Decision-making, (5) Development of prototype or product, (6) Test and evaluation of the solution, and (7) Socialization and completion decision stage. Through the learning activity, students could enhance to practice their existing knowledge in designing Terrarium and Aquarium. Those pieces of knowledge may involve Science (ecosystem, photosynthesis, respiration, food chain, matters, reaction…), Technology (technical devices in tanks, using platforms to research, designing poster or report), Engineering (constructing model), Mathematics (measuring length, calculating the size, balance of O2 and CO2) and human (the role of human in saving ecosystem). This paper will discuss how to provide students chance to apply STEM knowledge through these activities.

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Sam Ol, K., Chheun, S., Phon, S. ., Proeung, S. ., Mul, S. ., Doem, D. ., Then, S. ., & Rom, N. . (2024). The Ecosystem STEM Education Learning Activity: Terrarium and Aquarium Model. Asia Research Network Journal of Education, 4(1), 16–23. Retrieved from


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