Assessing the Attitudes Towards Work Immersion and the Career Pathways Selection among Technical Vocational Grade 12 Students at Eulogio Rodriguez Vocational High School

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Francis Elizarde


This quantitative research at Eulogio Rodriguez Vocational High School intends to assess the attitudes of Technical Vocational Grade 12 students regarding work immersion and the choice of career routes. It also seeks to understand the students' perspectives and experiences with work immersion and their decision-making process while selecting a career route. Researchers performed a thorough investigation to understand the factors influencing students' decisions to continue their career pathways. The studies were utilized to create profiles for 183 respondents. It looks at how students perceive job immersion. The work attitudes of the respondents made up their profile, and descriptive statistics like frequencies, means, and standard deviation were used to determine their career paths. To ascertain whether there is a significant correlation between the respondents' academic success and their job pathways, the researcher does a Phi Cramer's V test. The researcher utilized a Chi-Square Test to see if there was a significant link between sex and area of specialty.

              When grouped by field of expertise, the significance of the differences in the respondents' opinions about their attitudes toward work was assessed using one-way ANOVA.

The study discovered a significant link between students' views of work immersion and their desired career paths in grade 12. The study found a significant correlation between the student’s area of specialization and gender. The Researcher categorized the factors that affected students' decisions to pursue their career routes according to their expertise; the study discovered no statistically significant difference in respondents' judgments of their attitude toward the profession.

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