Factors CausingBecoming Homeless: A Case Study of the Homeless in Khon Kaen Municipal

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Viboon Wattananamkul
Kanin Chueaduangpui
Anuwat Pontip
Supanai Prasertsuk


This research aimed to study factors causing becoming homeless.
The data was collected by talking, in-depth interview, observing 20
homeless, key informants, and with 3 homeless families in order to
get the data in detail and from different point of view. Data collection
period was between November 2016 and July 2017. Transformation
processes to homeless is complicated and there are several related
factors. Family and personal factors are poverty, low education,
precarious employment, not be patient, and low self control. These
factors cause poverty, barriers to build financial stability, limitation of
choices and social capital, precarious employment, and low income.
Family cannot function as a good buffer to support when people have
problems in life or work. Some homeless people have conflict with
families and have to be homeless. Structural factors act as context
that are suitable to produce homeless people. Low quality education
especially in basic education cannot make people have better quality
of life. These factors incubate and make risky group to fall into
precarious employment period that lasts long for several years. If they
cannot get out of this period, they fially become homeless people.


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