Focus and Scope

About the Journal

Parichart Journal is a peer-reviewed journal publishing research articles, academic articles, and socially-engaged articles in the fields of arts and humanities, social sciences, business administration, management, and accounting of researchers, academicians, or students of Thaksin University, and other organizations. 

Publication Conditions

  1. The work described has not been published previously.
  2. Those wishing to submit a manuscript must complete Parichart Journal online registration, except for some special articles approved by the editorial team.
  3. The manuscript must be typed in Thai or English with both Thai and English abstracts.
  4. Content and ideas published in this journal must be the author’s only; the Editor does not necessarily agree.
  5. The reviewers must review the manuscript.

Types of Published Articles

  1. Research Articles
  2. Articles
  3. Socially-Engaged Articles
  4. Book Review
  5. Review Article

Peer Review Process

Article Consideration Policy

The Journal emphasizes publishing quality academic works of any interested people, which are acceptable in the educational context. All accepted papers are reviewed by three reviewers who are expert and have experiences in the fields. Their comments are beneficial for the adjustment before being published. The editor considers different ways of comments. This is a double-blind peer review journal. (double blinded peer review)


1. Title

2. Abstract and keyword

3. Abstract

4. Introduction

5. Literature review and related research

6. Research methodology

7. Figures and tables

8. Conclusion, analysis, and recommendations

9. References

10. Language use

11. Length of article

12. Valuable and interesting article

13. Replication

14. Other suggestions

15. Comments from the reviewers

References that must be APA 7th Edition and in English only

Publication Frequency

Published 4 times a year
Issue 1 (January - March)
Issue 2 (April - June)
Issue 3 (July - September)
Issue 4 (October - December)

Number of issues per volume : 10-15

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Thaksin University Journal office, Research and Development Institute Thaksin University 222 M. 2 Ban-Prao sub-district, Pa-Pra-Yom district, Phatthalung province, 93210, Thailand, Tel. 0 7460 9600# 7242 or 08 1540 7304
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  • Research and Development Institute Thaksin University

Sources of Support

  • Thaksin University

 ISSN 0857-0884 (print)

 ISSN 2651-0804 (online)

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