Publication ethics of Parichart Journal

            Parichart Journal is a peer-reviewed journal publishing research articles, academic articles, and socially-engaged articles in the fields of humanities, social sciences, business administration, management, and accounting of researchers, academicians, or students of Thaksin University, and other organizations.

            The journal issues 4 copies per year: 1) January to March 2) April  to June 3) July to September and 4) October to December. The published articles in the journal must be reviewed by three experts of the fields with knowledge, expertise and experiences to give useful opinions and suggestions to the researchers before publishing. In case of the different comments of the articles, the editor of the journal will handle with double-blinded peer review.

            Parichart Journal has set the roles and duties of three groups in the fields of publication which are authors, an editor and reviewers so that these related groups can study and strictly follow the rules and regulations for the benefits of related persons including readers and academic fields.


Roles and duties of authors

  1. Authors must report the occurred facts without distorting or giving the false information.
  2. Authors must guarantee that the submitted work is new and never published elsewhere or on process of another publication waiting list.
  3. Authors must make acknowledge other people's work and put them in the references section.
  4. Authors must name all the co-authors in case of collaborating with several authors without taking any advantages as a single author.
  5. Authors must guarantee that the work has no plagiarism in terms of messages, illustrations and any tables when submitting for publication.
  6. Authors must indicate the sources of granted research fund. (If there is any)
  7. Authors must indicate the conflict of interest. (If there is any)

Roles and duties of an editor

  1. An editor is responsible for screening the quality of presented articles published in the journal.
  2. An editor must not reveal any authors 's information and reviewers to any unrelated persons.
  3. An editor will select the articles after the evaluating process has been done by taking the importance, novelty, and clarity in association with the contents and policies of the journal into consideration.
  4. An editor must not publish or accept the articles that have no supported evidence.
  5. An editor must not have any benefits with authors and reviewers.
  6. An editor must verify articles that are plagiarism by immediately stopping and informing the authors to clarify their works with evidence so that the "accept" or "reject" of the article publication can be proceeded.


Role and duties of article reviewers

  1. Article reviewers must strictly keep secret without informing anyone while reviewing articles.
  2. Article reviewers should not hold any conflict of interest with the authors which can be led to the lack of clarification, fairness and independence. In case this happens, authors must inform the editor.
  3. Article reviewers should be experts in the field they evaluate by taking the importance of the quality of the articles into account and make decision based on academic information without using personal reasons.
  4. Article reviewers should verify the repetition of the articles. In case, there is plagiarism on purpose, they should inform the editor.