Publication Ethics 

        Parichart Journal disseminates and publishes research and academic articles in the sphere of art, humanities, social sciences, business administration, and management and finance of personnel, scholars, and researchers at Thaksin University as well as those working under other universities or organizations. The journal aims to publish these high-quality articles which are acceptable in academia.

        Parichart Journal publishes 4 issues per year: the 1st issue (January-March), the 2nd issue (April-June), the 3rd issue (July-September), and the 4th issue (October-December). All manuscripts are to be reviewed by 3 experts with relevant knowledge and expertise, capable of providing constructive feedback and suggestions to author(s) prior to publication. Should the experts express different opinions, the decision will be subject to the editor’s discretion. It should be noted that the information of the author(s) and that of the reviewers will be rigorously kept confidential (triple-blind peer review).  

        Parichart Journal has defined the roles and duties for the following 3 groups that are in the process of publication, namely the author(s), the editor, and the reviewers. As follows are the roles and duties of such agents. These must be strictly adhered to for the benefits of those concerned, readers, and others in the academic arena. 

Duties of Author(s) 

  1. 1. The author(s) must strictly follow the manuscript format and the determined conditions as stated in the submission criteria of Parichart Journal.
  2. 2. The author(s) must certify that a submitted manuscript is original and is never published elsewhere or on process of another publication waiting list.
  3. 3. The author(s) must contribute to the manuscript. Should there are also other co-authors, their names must be shown in it. 
  4. 4. The author(s) must cite others’ works in the manuscript and these must appear in the reference section. 
  5. 5. To prevent infringement of copyright, the author(s) must certify that the submitted manuscript contains no plagiarism in terms of messages, illustrations, and tables. 
  6. 6. The author(s) must be willing to revise the manuscript suggested by the reviewers and the editor and resubmit it within the deadline.
  7. 7. The author(s) must indicate the source(s) of granted research fund. (If any)
  8. 8. The author(s) must identify any conflict of interest. (If any)

Roles and Duties of Editor

  1. 1. The editor is to screen the quality of all manuscripts to be published. Here, the quality to be verified is in terms of their originality, clarity, and congruence with the contents and policies of the journal.  
  2. 2. The editor is to select qualified experts equipped with knowledge, expertise, and abilities to provide constructive feedback and suggestions to the author(s).
  3. 3. The editor must not reveal any information of the author(s) and the reviewers to any unrelated persons so as to be in accordance with the triple-blind review policy.
  4. 4. The editor must not have any mutual interests with the author(s) and the reviewers.
  5. 5. The editor must verify plagiarism in all manuscripts. Should any plagiarism be identified, the editor must request the explanation from the author(s) so that the decision-making process on “acceptance” or “rejection” can be further undertaken.  
  6. 6. The editor must rigidly adhere to the journal’s process and steps in order to maintain its standard and quality. 

Roles and Duties of Reviewers

  1. 1. The reviewers must contain expertise in relevant fields, capable of reviewing the manuscripts and providing constructive feedback and suggestions to the author(s).
  2. 2. The reviewers must review the manuscripts pursuant to the journal’s criteria. The manuscripts’ quality and academic justifications must be prioritized over subjectivity. 
  3. 3. The reviewers must not have any conflict of interests with the author(s) so that transparency and independence can be ensured. Should such conflict exist, the reviewers must inform the editor at an initial stage.
  4. 4. The reviewers must verify the repetition of the manuscripts and plagiarism. Should such plagiarism or false information be identified, this must be informed to the editor.  
  5. 5. As the manuscripts are being reviewed, any relevant information on such concern must be kept confidential.