Natural Phenomenon of Songkhla Lake: A Reflective Characteristic of Visual Culture

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Jiamchan Chankhonghom


This article aims to study and analyze natural phenomenon
of Songkhla Lake in the perspective of natural environment and arts in
order to synthesize as a fine art and demonstrate the process of
generating academic knowledge. The findings of the study are: 1. The
natural perspective of Songkhla Lake’ s phenomenon from the upper,
middle, and lower watershed had three cultural characteristics, namely,
freshwater, brackish water, and sea water. This consequence came from
ecological environment influencing people’ s mindset on the
multicultural arts. 2. The factors of natural, human, and cultural
dimensions had an effect on the creation of western and eastern arts
expressing the contents of the paintings. 3. The synthesis of style
information consisted of two concepts: Objectivism and Subjectivism.
First, the Objectivism consisted of Naturalism that expressed the natural
phenomenon over human, culture and of Realism that human created
under natural dimension. Secondly, the Subjectivism consisted of
Romanticism showing the paintings with emotions, natural phenomenon’s
power and of Idealism and Conventionalism focusing on the virtue and
moral standard. The results were, then, synthesized to create the
holistic knowledge by creative practice, adaptive experiment, enhancement,
and problem solving of aesthetic meanings to represent the cultural
characteristic in a new context.


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