Factors Affecting the Stress of Raising Children of Teen Mothers under the Child Support Grants in Phatthalung Province

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Yupaporn Apinanda
Kasetchai Laeheem
Ruthaichonanee Sittichai


The objectives of this study was to investigate the factors affecting the stress of bringing up children of teen moms under the Child Support Grants in Phatthalung Province in the year 2020.  The data were collected from 220 sampling participants and analyzed with Pearson correlation and Multiple Regression. The research findings reveals that the level of stress of teen moms under the Child Support Grants was average There are six factors affecting the stress of raising children of teenage mothers, which were statistically significant. The three factors were feeling of financial burden (x2), feeling of health problems (x4), and feeling of lack of self-esteem (x5). These three factors influenced the stress teen mothers statistically significantly at 0.001. Moreover, the feeling of no ability in bringing up children affected the teen mothers significantly at 0.01. No emotional support (x7) and no evaluative support (x8) also statistically affected teen mothers at 0.05. Therefore, supporting teenage mothers in terms of economy, health, self-worth, knowledge and social support. Doing this can reduce the stress of teenage mothers.

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Apinanda, Y. ., Laeheem, K. ., & Sittichai, R. . (2022). Factors Affecting the Stress of Raising Children of Teen Mothers under the Child Support Grants in Phatthalung Province. Parichart Journal, 35(2), 69–82. https://doi.org/10.55164/pactj.v35i2.246523
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