Fintech Stream to Techfin: Financial Regulatory Challenges Driven with Big Data of Thai Financial Industry

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Pao Jampangoen


This academic article focuses on analyzing of FinTech and TechFin stream for improving the financial regulatory that will support the large data of Thai financial industry. The concept of the Fintech stream has played an important role especially on Thai financial industry that must prepare to update regulations. Moreover, the theory of disruption should be used for solving the problem of rapid change of technology as well. As well as studying the situation related to the fintech business will benefit all relevant parties to be ready to adapt and develop to drive the Thai economy in the future.

Because of the use of advanced technology in business Including creating one’s own innovation with the creativity of the entrepreneur will help increase productivity throughout the value chain of products and services and will increase Thailand’s competitiveness, by helping to free Thailand from the trap of middle-income countries and sustainably improve the well-being of the population. Therefore, financial regulation should be improved, consisting of (1) providing assurance that the law will support transactions Including finance, investments and insurance in electronic form equivalent to normal transactions, (2) facilitate fintech operators can access necessary information in the possession of government agencies, (3) to certify that the presence by electronic means if the customer does not appear to the financial service provider, and (4) facilitate fintech entrepreneurs to access the information they have concealed in the possession of government agencies.


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