The Development of Labor Protection Law in the Agricultural Sector: A Case Study of Farming

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Piangjit Tanticharatwarodom
Panya Sutthibodee
Winatta Saengsook
Somchit Thongsri


The objectives of this research article were to (1) study the problems of agricultural labor law in agricultural sector, (2) compare the international labor standards related to the protection of agricultural labors in the case of farming, and (3) establish a model for the protection for labors in the agricultural sector, only in the case of farming, in Thailand to protect agricultural workers on an equal ground with other labor protection standards in Thailand and abroad. The researchers used the qualitative research methodology by using 2 methods of data collection, namely documentary research and interviews of 85 people and analyzed the data by using content analysis techniques and comparison interpretation.

The results showed that protection of agricultural workers who are not employed throughout the year under the Ministerial Regulation on Labor Protection in Agriculture B.E. 2557 on holiday work, rest time, female labor, child labor, is lower than the protection of year-round agricultural workers or industrial employment under the Labor Protection Act B.E. 2541. Therefore, the Ministerial Regulation on Labor Protection in Agriculture B.E. 2557 has to be amended by defining normal working hours, conditions on overtime working, working on holidays, rest time, female labor, child labor in accordance with each type of crop cultivation works. And the right to annual vacations, sick leave and a prohibition of discrimination in the employment of agricultural workers should be stipulated. The provisions for payment of compensation for the supervision of farming sites, control of agricultural works, and labor inspections should also be added.


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Tanticharatwarodom, P., Sutthibodee, P., Saengsook, W., & Thongsri, S. (2021). The Development of Labor Protection Law in the Agricultural Sector: A Case Study of Farming. Ph.D. In Social Sciences Journal, 11(2), 536–550. Retrieved from
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