Digital Banking and Commercial Bank's Performance in Thailand

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Sudthida Sanansrisakorn
Chollada Luangpituksa


This study aimed to study digital banking and 14 commercial banks' performance in Thailand.
The data from the 1st quarter of 2010 to the 4th quarter of 2017, which was the period that implementation
of digital banking was significantly increasing, were used in this study. Then, the data were analyzed for
the causal relationship by Granger Causality Test. The model was estimated by Multiple Regression. The result
of Granger Causality Test revealed that the volume of digital banking transactions affects a number of branches and expenses on premises and equipment in the same direction because some of the commercial banks still expanded its branches. For the ROA, it was found that the volume of digital banking transactions affects the
opposite aspect because the commercial banks highly invested in digital banking, so the profits may decrease.


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