Social Impact Bonds: An Innovative Financial to Deliver Public Services for Solving Social Problems

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Patima Noikoot


Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) belong to the novel investment strategies to deliver public services for social benefits. SIBs rely on the concept of public administration reform with a focus on the cooperation across government, private sector and civil society. As innovative financial tools, SIBs have been popularly initiated in many countries. This article aims to present the concept of SIBs, SIBs interactions with the theoretical view of public service, structures and working processes of SIBs, and SIBs’s benefits and challenges. Case studies of SIBs-utilizing countries with a discussion in terms of criticism and SIBs possibility to adapt in Thailand are also provided.

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Noikoot, P. . (2021). Social Impact Bonds: An Innovative Financial to Deliver Public Services for Solving Social Problems. Political Science and Public Administration Journal, 12(1), 337–356. Retrieved from
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