A Review of a Relationship Between the State and Civil Society in Laos Under the Decree on Association Revised in 2017

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Supitcha Punya


This article aims to review and analyze a relationship between the state and civil society in Laos through the Decree on Association revised in 2017. The results show that the Lao civil society includes mass organizations, which developed from a Lao nationalist movement, and civil society organizations, which have been supported by the international community. In 2009, the civil society organizations were legally recognized in the Decree on Association issued by the National Assembly. These organizations mostly are non-profit associations. Under the Decree on Association, the civil society in Laos becomes the development mechanism to implement the national development plan formulated by the party-state. Therefore, the civil society in Laos cannot advocate a democratic process to the country.



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Punya, S. (2020). A Review of a Relationship Between the State and Civil Society in Laos Under the Decree on Association Revised in 2017. Political Science and Public Administration Journal, 11(Suppl.), 101–120. Retrieved from https://so05.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/polscicmujournal/article/view/242053
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Supitcha Punya, Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration, Chiang Mai University




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