Guidance for Legal Reform of the Bangkok Metropolitan's Subordinate Law relating to Light Pollution

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Pedithep Youyuenyong



Outdoor artificial light at night is necessary for living in Bangkok and Bangkok's metropolitan population uses lights from public and private premises for many different reasons, for example, shop window display lighting, advertising lighting, street lighting and recreational area lighting. However, many forms of outdoor artificial light in Bangkok area that shine obtrusively outside the areas they need to illuminate can become light pollution. Outdoor artificial light from premises can have a detrimental impact on the environmental quality of the special administrative area. Light Pollution in the City of Bangkok not only impacts the night sky environment and the view of the night stars, but it also impact human health. Even though the Bangkok Municipal Regulations Relating to Building Control B.E. 2544 established the written criteria for interior lighting control which gives lighting requirements for indoor areas, but it does not provide specific outdoor lighting requirements and the Bangkok's district offices have no legal powers to take action against outdoor light pollution. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to describe about theoretical aspects of light pollution and critically analyse existing planning and building measures. This paper also introduces the specific legal techniques to control light pollution in metropolitan areas and the guidance of Bangkok municipal law reforms.

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