Long-term Care Insurance Policy Implementation in Local Administrative Organizations in Japan

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Thanyawat Rattanasak



The objectives of this paper are (1) to study the elderly welfare policy in Japan, (2) to study the roles of local government in the elderly welfare policy process} and (3) to find elderly care policy recommendations for Thailand. The study found that recently Japan adopted the Long-term Care Insurance System. The national government plays a crucial role in providing the institutional framework to support the implementation of the local governments. The municipal governments are insurer and implementer. Thailand is entering the aging society and should study and provide elderly welfare policy framework by observing Japanese elderly system.

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Rattanasak, T. (2017). Long-term Care Insurance Policy Implementation in Local Administrative Organizations in Japan. Political Science and Public Administration Journal, 4(1), 239–258. Retrieved from https://so05.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/polscicmujournal/article/view/76992
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