The Building of national security by energy storage technology

  • สนิธชนก สังข์จันทร์ ศูนย์อำนวยการสร้างอาวุธ
Keywords: Energy storage technology, energy security, energy policies, energy production and consumption data


Energy storage technology is an important technology in helping renewable energy management which can be obtained from nature in various ways to be reserved The produced energy will be able to meet the demand of energy in every period of time even crisis situation. In case that the main power generation system is failed. If Thailand can raise the quality of production and use more domestic renewable energy These will result in less dependence on external energy and enhance economic stability because it helps to reduce energy costs resulting in the ability to control energy costs that are one of the factors in the manufacturing and transportation sectors

This research is a qualitative research, the researcher has assessed the country's energy security. By gathering information on relevant energy policies and programs, energy production and consumption data, economic growth data,  technology information that helps strengthen In order to analyze the potential and opportunity to evaluate the appropriate approach, the possibility to develop technology in the country and recommended policies to drive energy security that will lead to national security by focusing on increasing production efficiency and using renewable energy. as energy reserve with energy storage technology (batteries) that can enhance the energy security of Thailand According to the 20-year national strategic plan, the National Economic and Social Development Plan No. 12 and the Energy Integration Plan (2015 - 2036)


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