On behalf of Thai Association for Applied Linguistics (TAAL), we invite you and members of your orgnaization to a six-part webinar series, "The Ultimate Guide to Publishing Research in Top Journals", which will be held from March 2021 to January 2022. Please see https://taal.or.th/conference-and-workshops/ for assorted webinar topics.

These webinars aim to support the development of early/mid-career researchers in Thailand and help them achieve their academic aspirations by publishing their work. In the webinars, our keynote speakers ― Assoc. Prof. Dr. Richard Watson Todd and Dr. Neil Bowen will share their expertise and experience of the best writing practices for authors and the publishing process. Both speakers have had relevant experiences publishing in Q1 SCOPUS for many years. Participants will not only gain the confidence to publish, but also learn the hidden tips and tricks of publishing in reputable internation jounrlas, especially those in Q1.

The first episode of the webinar series begins next Wednesday! Hope to see you there!

Register online here: http://bit.ly/3eJZvIx
Webinar Link: https://bit.ly/3qSTxbu