Novice Teacher’s Learning Through a Project-Based Learning Class

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Chomphunuch Jarusrose
Wareesiri Singhasiri


This study aims to observe all circumstances in an actual Project-Based Learning (PBL) class, particularly to reflect on what the teacher learned through the PBL class. The subject, who is also the researcher, works as a teacher at Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning (DSIL). The study was conducted when she was working as a teacher/facilitator at DSIL for 3 years. The instrument used in this study was a 12-week diary of the teacher. After finishing class, the teacher recorded her teaching performance, feelings, attitudes, challenges and successes in her diary to observe and reflect on her teaching. The findings show that the teacher faced some challenges and achieved some successes in the PBL class. The challenges that she had encountered could raise her awareness in teaching and running the project. This study may shed some light on and raise awareness of the researcher and other novice teachers in schools which adopt PBL as the learning and teaching approach.


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