Relationship between Students’ Responses and Teacher’s Feedback Strategies

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Thanissorn Pochanukul
Saowaluck Tepsuriwong


This paper investigates how teachers use feedback strategies to respond to different kinds of students’ responses in a pre-reading stage of a lesson. The data was taken from three micro-teaching sessions taught by novice teachers. The feedback strategies framework suggested by Richards and Lockhart (1994) was used to analyze the teachers’ feedback. The findings suggest a complicated relationship between students’ responses and teachers’ feedback. The teachers used one to four feedback strategies to deal with the students’ responses. A combination of feedback strategies used, however, seemed to lead to imbalanced turns in the IRF patterns of classroom interaction. Discussion and implications on the nature of teachers’ feedback and students’ responses are highlighted.


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Pochanukul, T., & Tepsuriwong, S. (2013). Relationship between Students’ Responses and Teacher’s Feedback Strategies. REFLections, 16, 10–24. Retrieved from
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