Communication Strategies to Solve Lexical Problems in Writing

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Napaporn Ngamwilaipong
Pornapit Darasawang
Wilaksana Srimavin


The successful use of communication strategies in writing can help the writer communicate in difficult situations, including that of insufficient vocabulary. This study aims to investigate what communication strategies in writing students use to solve problems at the lexical level. Since this was a qualitative study and the researchers wanted to collect in-depth information from the subjects, there were only three subjects who were assigned to do a written task for which, in order to observe how they tackled their writing problems, they could not use dictionaries or ask other people for assistance. The results show that the students usually used literal translation and approximation. The reasons for using these strategies are awareness of language accuracy, fluency of writing and the audience’s comprehension.


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Ngamwilaipong, N., Darasawang, P., & Srimavin, W. (2007). Communication Strategies to Solve Lexical Problems in Writing. REFLections, 10, 48-54. Retrieved from
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