The use of macro-skills in giving consultations

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Jakraphan Riamliw
Kulawadee Yamkate
Saowaluck Tepsuriwong


Consultations, which are sessions arranged for assisting students to manage the lessons or learning problems, have become a part of the learner-centred classroom. Teachers, especially those who are new to dealing with helping students in this way, would probably feel uneasy about them. This paper reports the results of a study on the use of macroskills in giving consultations by novice university teachers. It also discusses some practical perspectives that would be applicable and beneficial in counselling.


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Riamliw, J., Yamkate, K., & Tepsuriwong, S. (2004). The use of macro-skills in giving consultations. REFLections, 6, 17–22. Retrieved from
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