The Marketing Communication to Participate Bike for Dad in Bangkok

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The Purposes of this research were to study demographic characteristics and marketing communications toward Bike for Dad participation in Bangkok on December 11, 2015. A total of 99,999 people registered to join this cycling event in 11 areas throughout Bangkok. This is a quantitative research so that questionnaire is applied to 400 people in 6 event area in Bangkok.

The research revealed that most of the respondents were female whose age was 36-59 years old and marital status was single. They were employees of private companies that had income THB 10,000 – 20,000. In marketing communications, the research found that public relations and event promotion appeared to have a positive impact on the participation of Bike for Dad in Bangkok. Namely public relations and promotional. Finding also indicates that there are 5 significant results of people to participate in the event: constancy, congruity, cooperation, constitution and cycling. In term of practical contributions, this study provides a useful marketing communication idea for Bike for Dad in Bangkok. In the light of the results, state agency can utilize these findings for strategic planning of marketing communication in Bike for Dad or other relevant activities in the future


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