The Commercial Marketing Guidelines of Banana Flour in Bakery Business

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The objectives of this research are to study marketing mix factors of banana flour in
bakery business and to study organizing factors of banana flour in bakery business. Data were
gathered by using in-depth interviews and questionnaires. The samplers of this research are
bakery business in Bangkok to analyze it through typological analysis, domain analysis and
descriptive statistics. The result of this research shows that there are 32 Marketing Mix factors
divided into 8 Product factors, 4 Price factors, 6 Place factors and 14 Promotion factors. There are 12
Organizing factors divided into 4 Environmental factors, 2 Organizational factors, 3 Buying
Center factors and 3 Individual factors and show that Price factors, Place factors, Product
factors and Promotion factors were at high level respectively. Buying Center factors, Environmental
factors, Organizational factors and Individual factors were at high level respectively. The researchers
provided commercial marketing guidelines of banana flour in bakery business for entrepreneurs
and advised them to improve packaging of banana flour, to promote the image of banana flour
as a healthy food, to develop distributing channel through retail stores, to focus on marketing
communication through online, to plan a long term banana flour marketing strategies and to
create a good relationship with bakery business owner.


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