The Relationship Between Leadership and Factors Effecting Leadership of School Administrators under Secondary Education Office Area 1

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Because school administrators play an important role in the management of schools to
achieve their objectives effectively. This research aims to study leadership of school
administrators factors relating to leadership, leadership and relationship between leadership
and factors affecting leadership of school administrators. The research design was based on the
correlation research. The samples used in the study were 185 of the school administrators
and deputy director. The research instrument was a questionnaire. Statistics used in data analysis
were frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and pearson correlation. Research results
found that 1) The administrators of the schools in the secondary education area 1 had the form
of four types of leadership. The results showed that the patterns of leadership reflected in the
supportive leadership style. The highest average was followed by participatory leadership.
Leadership focused on success. 2) The results of the study on the level of factors related to the
leadership of the school showed that the four factors were the opinions of the target group.
It is important to have leadership in mind. The average score on the highest level of leadership
was followed by group characteristics, organizational characteristics, and external environment.
And 3) the relationship between leadership and related factors of the leadership of the school
administrators was found to be positively correlated in all aspects.


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