Rational Decision-Making in Portfolio Management For Thai Investors


  • Dalina Amonhaemanon Faculty of Commerce and Management, Prince of Songkla University Trang Campus, Trang, Thailand
  • Karuna Rat-arpa Faculty of Management Sciences, Prince of Songkla University Hadyai Campus, Songkla, Thailand


Portfolio Management, Rational Investor, Risk Preferences, Investment Decision, Thai Investors


This study presents a strategy to allocate assets in accordance with the age range of the investors. The applied strategy includes Integrated Asset Allocation under Modern Portfolio Theory, and also rationality concept from Microeconomics for choosing between traditional assets (represented by investment in stock market for SET50 TRI and 1-year fixed deposit), and alternative assets (represented by government bond, gold bullion, and PROPCON TRI for real estate). The focus was to allocate the limited resources – the investor’s asset – to generate the most efficient outcome. The result of the study provides the alternatives for Thai investors, who accept risk differently in each age range, when making investment and planning their asset portfolio management.


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